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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Grape Picking and Nettle Juice

Each year the picking of our grapes messes me up. I get torn between the fact that I really shouldn't be drinking and the fact that I will anyway so I ought to help pick. I didn't go on Wednesday to pick the white but went with the kids on Friday evening to pick the rest. There isn't a great deal so we are going to make rosé rather than red. We are also going to do the unheard of and save some as grape juice. I'm going to freeze some rather than heat treat it to keep the enzymes intact.
The pic is of Griff pressing the white grapes! We got the kids in to do the rest. They loved jumping up and down with the juice ooozzing between their toes.

I also need to get back on the other juices, I have been adding nettles to my carrot juice or apple juice. They should be a good purifier. I've just got to get my head round the fact that its okay for me to feel good and have energy. Where did my self esteem go, did I have any?

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