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Monday, May 26, 2008

Red Slug Syrup

The childrens coughs went on and on in fact they are still coughing occasionally so I cracked and made some red slug syrup and recommended by a neighbour and by Dr Vogel in The Nature Doctor. There is a recipe and pictures here


Connie said...

Did your children take it? Did it stop their coughs? Christopher had a cough that has thankfully almost gone, but I couldn't even get him to swallow a spoonful of honey!

Glad to see you writing again.

:) Connie

Suz said...

Hi Connie!
They took a few doses but didn't know what it was made of. I added Rum to preserve it which was a mistake. They are still coughing abit and with the rain we've got there are a lot of slugs around :)