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Friday, September 22, 2006

Becoming Vile

As I get fitter through exercise, eating better and drinking less I find that my tolerance for alcohol has gone down. Last night I had a pint of beer, I turned down a second as we had Veros kids here and I knew we'd drink some white wine when she came to collect them. We shared a bottle of wine between the 3 of us. I then reheated supper and Griff went to get some red wine. He got it from our barrel in the cellar. Its nearly empty (was 200 litres) and had started to turn vinegary. I really didn't need or want any but was going to have some anyway but it was too horrid. I then became vile, the wine was foul, it had ruined my dinner etc. Griff bravely offered to get me something else but fortuanatly I knew I didn't need or want any so said no.
How often does alcohol have that effect on us, to make us behave horribly or make us ill and yet we still say we don't want to give it up, its such fun, to be vile and puke?!

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