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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fancy Dress

Why is it some people always look elegant and others always look like they are wearing sacks, sacks in clashing colours of course! This morning Flo was looking smart in an orange tee shirt, khaki skirt, orange socks and orange trainers, but would she wear an orangy coloured cardi, no it had to be the pink one, not bad considering only a few weeks back she said she didn't like pink.
Eben is obsessed with his clothing and if we send him to school wearing clothes he doesn't like he'll change as soon as he gets in. People keep giving us clothes for him and must wonder why he doesn't wear them all. Its partly that he has special clothes that he'll wear and also our kids wear their clothes for 2 days in a row for school. They just don't need clean clothes everyday!
When I was a teenager I was always smartly dressed, but that has drifted to seriously scruffy in the years I've been living in France. I noticed it today when out running with Florence T. this morning. We ran for an hour which is our best so far. She was looking very elegant and seems to keep the same rythm all the time. I was wearing shorts and teeshirt and looked baggy, I also got left behind on all the hills and got back bright red and bedraggled. Will I ever manage to get my dress sense sorted again?

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