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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Raw Progress

I've been doing really well with the raw food and have made some really tasty dishes, raw spaghetti dishes, raw lasagne, chocolate brownies and loads of fruit and nuts. I've slipped a couple of times, birthday cake at a friends party, toast and butter when upset. I seem to go straight for that when I'm upset, it used to be tea or wine too but now those are of the agenda its toast and butter I crave.
This morning though I was thinking about having toast and staved it off with fruit, but then the kids wound me up and my immediate reaction was ' I'll have to have toast now'. I wonder if I was just using the upset as an excuse rather than the upset making me want the toast. I haven't had it yet though.
I've ordered a small dehydrator so will be able to do more raw breads and things. Watch this space!

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