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Sunday, October 07, 2007

A lovely Sunday

What a lovely day we've had. Griff took the 3 eldest kids to the swimming pool this morning and I stayed at home with Arwen and cooked Sunday lunch, I love raw food but still have a thing about Sunday lunch. They got back and we all ate together with Arwen at the table too in her Daddy's arms. My complete family together, lovely. After lunch most of us slept a while then we went out for a walk round the wood behind our house. Griff and Flo ran, Eben zoomed off alone and us slow ones pootled behind and kicked through the chestnut leaves on the ground. The sunshine was brilliant and it was warm. We've since had supper together and the kids are in bed and I'll be going soon, Griff is watching the last quarter final of the rugby world cup over at a neighbours.
In all our day has been perfect and so different from what it could have been had I decided on Friday to go to the hospital to give birth. It would have been spent in an overheated room with people popping in all day, the kids would have gone up the walls when visiting etc.
Homebirth is definatly the way to go.


Raw Vegan Family said...

Suz, I distinctly remember the days immediately following the birth of my children. They were like days out of time, savored like sweet tidbits, when all that was expected was that you love and bond with your family. It gave me the stength to deal with the hormonal storms that followed. lol! I recently learned that Suzanne's b'day actually is considered a day out of time on the 13 moon calendar. Seems appropriate!

Your happy post warmed my heart! Enjoy your perfect family.

Much Love!

cerstin said...

Dear Suz!
You probably don't even remember me. We chatted on MWO a while back.
Can't believe just as I hit the site again and find you and look at your blog, you have had a fourth child!!?
Congratulations on your newest little girl!
And how nice you still keep up with what's going on on MWO. I must admit, when I was moderating nicely, I completely forgot about the people who made it happen.
I had two of my three kids at home too (first one was a planned home birth, but I had to give in and go to hospital after a day or so of labour, when he just got stuck and wouldn't come out :0(
Having a baby at home is the natural way to go and I can't understand why so many women chose hospital as the natural option to give birth. My second child, Avalon, didn't breathe for nine minutes after she was born at home in our living room. The longest nine minutes of mine and my husbands life. But as soon as she took her first breath, I just knew she was fine and I was so happy to have her at home in safety and not being prodded by needles and attached to machines just to see how she was doing. The paramedics had arrived literally seconds after that first breath and even they were so lovely and laid back and having a cup of tea with us and the midwife while we were deceiding to stay home. It was a lovely birth, even with all the unbelievale stress. In comparison number three son was the most peaceful calm birth ever.... and when he arrived I completely rejected him, but that's another story :0)
All births are special, but I think to plan ahead for the best possible way to bring a little person into the world is so rewarding.
I am rambling! Hope you can read this while you have a moment or while breastfeeding (that's what I used to do in the middle of the night... feed and read).
Would be nice to catch up again, but I guess you are rather busy these days!!!!
Congratulations again on your gorgeous little girl.
Lol to you and your family,

Kristen's Raw said...

I second Connie's least the part about how your happy post warmed my heart, too. I don't have children yet, but when I do, I look forward to similar days as you described.Cheers :)

Kristen's Raw