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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Placenta Smoothies

When I first read about these my thought was YUCK. But when Arwen was born I was showing Flo the placenta and decided to try a small piece. It should stop post partum hemorrhage and it was suprising fine to eat, not meat like or chewy just warm really. The rest went in the fridge with the intention of burying it in the garden but the more I thought about it the more I thought it would be more sensible to consume it for all the vitamins, minerals and hormones it contains. Some people cook it but I couldn't do that, others dehydrate it and make capsules with it but smoothies seemed the easiest way to go and the rawest. I cut the placenta into inch cubes and froze most of it. It was odd cutting up a part of me but then I thought about cutting up dead meat and I can do that and this wasn't even something that had been killed it had just finished its job.
I have nearly finished all the pieces. I just blend one with water and half a banana or a pear and it just tastes of the fruit that is in it. I guess that is what has been helping me to continue to feel so well. Arwen is a lovely baby, she suckles and sleeps and loves to be in my arms much of the time. School holidays start on Friday so we will all be together everyday and my Mum is coming too so that should be quite an experience!


Raw Vegan Family said...

I hope you are enjoying your mom's visit. Glad all is well with mother and baby. Placenta smoothies? Have to tell you Suz, that is a new one for me! lol! I had to look it up, and I see that it is considered quite beneficial. Learn something new every day!

Big Hugs to you and your brood!

Raw Vegan Family said...

I trust you are enjoying your lovely family, but you need to come back and give us an update from time to time! :)

Missing you!