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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

8 skipping ropes

My house is full of so much stuff, I can't believe how much. I am not a tidy person and have become a hoarder. I like to recycle and reuse things so everything is kept, just in case! I have started on the kids room which is a tip. Flo has 8 skipping ropes and she can't even skip :)
Do I just tidy the mess or do I get rid of it. Today I listened to so tapes I'd copied off of the radio and they are definatly going in the bin, one even had me singing on it, yuck yuck yuck. I cut that one so noone could get it out and listen to it, it was awful.
Sometimes I'd just like to throw everything away and start from scratch. So much of the stuff is stuff we have been given and whilst it is so often usefull and the kids are dressed mostly like that it is still too much but I don't like to say no and so the cycle goes on and on. I cleared my desk yesterday and it is so much nicer sitting here now than it was. 

1 comment:

Banana Island said...

Nice post Suz, I know the feeling! :) We went through Suzanne's dresser yesterday and gave away a full wardrobe for at least one other girl, and her drawers are still packed! I keep saying, where did all this stuff come from? Yet I know, I brought it in! lol!

Big Hugs!