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Friday, November 09, 2007

Intuition and Bananas

To make use of your own intuition you have to trust it, COMPLETELY!
I was reminded of this on my friend Connies blog. Its something you have to do during childbirth. Odd things happen when giving birth and you just have to trust that they are right for you or to know clearly when they are not and to act on it. I can do it then but its not easy the rest of the time, which voice is intuition, which comes from my mind and is based on learnt behaviour and which is just down right addiction (this is the easiest to spot, the cravings for bread and wine are a big give away!)?At the start of my pregnancy my inner voice kept telling me to eat fruit, my mind kept saying 'Why? I don't like fruit.' I chose to listen and found myself not only enjoying fruit but eating more raw food than I ever had. It went wrong when I stopped listening and followed what was expected of me when in England and I didn't get back to it. Its getting better now but I have to listen to my intuition about what to eat NOW, not in the morning when I'll start my new diet, but NOW when I feel like carrot juice or nettles.
In the summer Connie started a new blog called Banana Island and along with her family she followed a mono fruit diet for a while. I was envious of their commitment and found that it seemed like such a good idea. I don't think I'll do that as my intuition is screaming green and wild foods to me. Not just nettles but the great selection of wild green stuff that grows around me. I will listen to my intuition and I will do it and get fit and well and happier than imaginable, I just have to trust.
Thank you Connie for your blogs and the inspiration that they give.


Raw Vegan Family said...

Intuition is good stuff. :) All I wnt to eat right now is persimmons, but they are not ripening fast enough! Thank you so much for the kind words!

Much Love!

Azura Skye said...

hey there,
found your blog on Connie's Worth Blog list : )
Looks like there's a lot happening in your life!

Just wanted to comment on your kids and husbands names - very Welsh, or at least Celtic.
They are beautiful.
But then I'm Welsh, so I would say that : ))