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Saturday, February 02, 2008

2 Mes

Somedays I get really confused as to who I am. I feel like there are two of me. There is me who is relaxed and cool, at one with myself and the rest of the world, I get excited about healthy food and exercise and just love life. Then there is the me who wants to eat chips, roast meat and cream, who wants coca-cola and wine, is irritable and grumpy and shouts a lot.
I guess it is part of a process, once I was just the second person, before I discovered healthy eating and exercise and listening to the inner voice of intuition. Now I am getting closer to being the real me but the old me still hangs around frustrating me and the people around me. I don't seem to know how to say goodbye, it was nice knowing you and you have taught me lots of lessons but now it is time to pack up your bags and leave. Sometimes I really feel like I am letting go but part of me jumps in and brings the bad habits back.
Change isn't easy, not for me anyway.

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