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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Mouse Mischief

About 2 weeks ago I put some washing on. The machine seemed to be working but finished quicker than I expected. I went to open the door but it was still sealed and full of water. I tried various settings on the dial to get it to empty out but nothing worked. I turned the machine off and thought I'd wait till Griff got home. Later on I was standing in the kitchen preparing dinner, Arwen was in her little car seat looking on and I suddenly heard the machine door and a woosh of water. Gwils had opened the door, turning it off had unlocked the door! I got it shut so not quite all the water came out. There was Arwen in the middle of the puddle looking like she was sailing a boat. I ran for my wet and dry vac to get the water. We have a very old tiled floor which is lain on compacted earth so great for absorbing water!
Griff checked the pump and filter and found a euro coin so we thought it might have been that, but no it still wouldn't empty. We got quite a technique of emptying part of the water into a flexy bucket and sucking the rest with the hoover! We decided it must be the pump and ordered one for 30 euros on the internet. It arrived and still didn't work. So either there was a blockage somewhere or we needed a new machine. Griff removed the drain pipe from the pump and blew up it, sure enough it was blocked. Our machines drain pipe joins to another then goes out side into fatter tubing and into the garden, great for watering in the summer. We seperated the two pipes and there it was a big lump of fluff, or so we thought, on closer inspection it was a mouse. It had come up the pipes and got stuck at the join where it narrowed. We removed the mouse and everything worked fine. Good job we didn't buy a new machine.
Today I put a wash on and the same thing happened and low and behold another mouse up the tube. Are they on some suicide mission?

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