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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Frustration, Canser and Bugs

All my kids are coughing, Flo and Eben the most. Flo missed two days of school and Eben is still home. They eat well and I've tried homeopathy, vitamins etc. I was appalled to find aspartame in the Vit C tabs I bought, not a good idea for the kids. Part of me is saying that I need to up the defensive, force the green smoothies down them etc, part just says 'you've failed, put it in the hands of the doctors'. I just want their bodies to be able to fight this off not going to doctor for drugs which might  fight the bugs but not help them in the long term.
I don't think the fact that my Mum has canser (I'll spell this the same way as Kris Carr does on her CrazySexyCancerBlog ) helps, she has bowel canser and has had a week of chemo and radiation, and is now on a third week of radiation. To me the treatment is nearly as frightening as the idea of canser itself. She is fighting tho and my brother is staying with her and has embraced the raw food concept so I know she is eating well.
I just feel helpless against bugs at the momment. I'm stepping up my lacto fermenting efforts in a bid to out bug the badbugs with goodbugs.


Anonymous said...

It is so frustrating when our loved ones are ill. Thank the Goddess for Kris; she is comforting everyone, canser or not. I will light a candle for you and your family. THis too shall pass and spring will soon be here. :)

Big HUgs!

Suz said...

Thanks Connie.