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Thursday, June 19, 2008

All is Well

Those were the words I read most days in a signature on the unassisted childbirth forum. They started to sink in then I realised they came from Abraham (a group of spiritual beings who are channeled by Esther Hicks). I bought a book called Ask and it is Given several years ago I didn't read it all as it seemed far fetched and how could all be well. I just thought it was a load of twaddle. But this time I thought what if, what if they are right and the law of attraction does work, what if we ARE supposed to be happy joyous beings. I have written before that I think that if we all  got ourselves sorted out then we'd spend far less of our lives worrying about other people and things that we can not change.
So, I have taken onboard the idea that all is well, what has happened has happened. I can't change that, I can appreciate the good things and let go of the past. All desires are registered by the universe and when we are ready to increase our vibrations to joyous and to allow the desire to manifest then it will.
In the past I have felt my vibrations and mood lift sky high on a raw food diet then got unnerved about the height and fallen hard. This time I am not eating raw all the time but my mood and vibrations are lifting. I am consiously thinking positive thoughts, trying to let go and have fun and trying out singing. I was told I sang flat as a child and have always done so. Now I have let go and started singing anyway. It uplifts my spirits and I just know that singing flat will soon be all in the past.

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