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Friday, September 24, 2010

Family time: How you can give your family or for time this Christmas

I said if there was a very simple way you can spend more time with your family this Christmas? I told about it would cost you a cent? What if I told you it was an easy way to get up to four extra hours each day with your loved ones? Would your family to benefit from this extra time?

All you have to do is get rid of your TV.


Well, I am not saying that you would not have to sacrifice a little; But at the end of this article, you'll see that the benefits of giving up your TV far outweigh the costs, It may seem a difficult task, but it's not really. It only takes a little discipline and creativity to fill the time.

Join the many other families who have given up on TV

Many families have given up on TV. My family did Madonna's family made it; I felt so strongly about my decision, I created a site about it; it is also why I reach out to you now. So you and your family can experience the benefits. Believe me, your family can function without a TV and be happier and healthier home.

Would you rather Miss time with your family or time watching TV?

I realize that this still can be a daunting prospect for many. The average person look after four hours a day and the average family has TV over seven hours a day. It can be a significant change. But think what you give with your family when you spend this much time in TELEVISION. Think about what your family's life can be like without TV to get a better picture of what you and your family are missing.

Breakfast TV

When all are in a hurry to get to school or work, get the morning very hectic. I know. TV only to distraction. If there is no TELEVISION blaring, children are more likely to cooperate in preparing. There may also be time for an old-fashioned family breakfast. At least your family will have more time for nice good-byes when everyone starts his day.

After school without TV

Rather than send school cartoons, which are often filled with violence, kids outside to play; children must play. They are so much happier when they have a chance to run and burn energy. And parents need to play too.Join your child in a game of football and basketball.Go for a walk around the neighborhood. Go family bike ride.The possibilities are endless. enjoy fresh air and sunshine; you can also drag a few friends from their TV, gameboys, and computers and play together.All that exercise, you and your family should build up quite an appetite, don't you think?

Dinner without TV

After so much fun and exercise will your family be ready for a healthy dinner.Remember that they have not been watching television advertising of crunchy delicious POPs and other junk food.So, don't ruin this time by turning on THE TELEVISION that over half of all families.Eat together and talk about your day.Connect with each other and discuss any problems or issues that may have been during the day, When you know what problems your child you can nip them in the bud. Then, you can plan everything fun activities your family will make the next weekend.

Chores without TV

Let's say your family finishing dinner and cleaning up together, OK, I realize chores not is the most popular and fun family activities; And do you not mention chores when you sell this "Family time" plan for the rest of your family.But just imagine how much easier it is to get all the points when THE TV is turned off.

Prime Time without TV

After a good dinner and chores are a "prime time" for families to connect with some fun activities.Depending on your family, this time either back out or exciting.You can play board games, puzzles, read, or cuddle a more back in the evening, Or you can dance, pillow fights, or even ticklefests for gaming and excitement.You can also go for an evening walk and look at all the weird glow coming from other houses where families staring at their TV as well as zombies.

Late in the evening without TV

When the children are in bed, may you and your spouse, a perfect opportunity to connect, I do not think that I'm going to paint a picture of what that time might look like, you can use your own imagination. But after go this far without watching TV, I hope you do not activate it here!

Then of course will be after this great, fun day you be ready and have time for a full night's sleep.

Your family without TV

Now do you think your family may be happier with the routine above? that they can grow healthier over time? every family is different; The routine in your family settle on will probably be a little different. my family routine quite not with the above, in particular in the case of chores, but we have much more time to connect, and the children are playing outside often.

Use your imagination to develop a routine that is customized for your family, Then you will be ready to give your family the gift of quality family time this Christmas; Next Chrismas you will wonder how families find the time to watch TV.

Katherine Westphal is the founder of a new website for daring Recycle your TV!, which makes it fun and easy for people to gain control of their TV set; are you addicted to TV? Take our TV Addiction Quiz and find out!

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