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Monday, October 18, 2010

Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods, 9th Edition

Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods, 9th Edition

Family Therapy: Concepts & Methods is the definitive, classic in the field and covers all the major schools and developments in Family Therapy.


Just some of the features that make this book so widely used -

  • Brief biographies and photos of some of the leading family therapists of the twentieth century 
  • Extensive coverage of professional ethics, reflecting the need for students to have increased awareness of professional issues in family therapy
  • Unique issues family therapists encounter when providing home-based services
    Latest research and data - often before that research is published in other forums
The Ninth Editon continues this tradition with many exciting revisions including:
  • several new case studies
  • a new summary of major theoretical concepts
  • a new section on working with common forms of family trianges
  • new sections on Sex and the Internet and Neuroscience and Relationships
  • and much more!
 From the Preface -

"One thing that tends to get lost in academic discussions of family therapy is the feeling of accomplishment that comes from sitting down with an unhappy family and being able to help them. Beginning therapists are understandably anxious and not sure they’ll know how to proceed. (“How do you get all of themto come in?”) Veterans often speak in abstractions. They have opinions and discuss big issues—postmodernism, narrative reconstructionism, second-order cybernetics. While it’s tempting to use this space to say Important Things, I prefer to be a little more personal. Treating troubled families has given me the greatest satisfaction imaginable, and I hope that the same is or will be true for you."

 - Michael P. Nichols


Price: $115.20

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