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Friday, October 22, 2010

Numerologis family code-how to treat your friends and family

Do you want to know how you typically interact with friends and family? Numerology can show you how you tend to interact with family and friends. We just have to calculate your family numbers.

Calculate your family number

Service number family come from a specific branch of Numerology I call Yantra or Magic Square Numerology.It consists of construct a magic square with your birth date, number, and then interpret the values in the Special dialog boxes in the square.

Your family number found by your life Path number, add the (2), and then reduce the result by fadic. We reduce not master numbers (11, 22) if they will.

For example, the actor Johnny Depp was born on 9th June 1963, so his family number would be calculated as follows:

Life Path number = (1 + 9 + 1963) = (1978) = (25) = (7)

Family Number = (path to Life + 2) = (7 + 2) = (9)

Below are listed the values family numbers and their meanings.

Family number (1)

You put your own wishes and needs ahead of desires and needs of your family; you are self-sufficient in terms of family and will comply with your own wishes.People tend to find you, selfish and demanding in your relationships with them.This is a blind spot for you, because you cannot see these qualities in yourself.

Family number (2)

You have a great need to be surrounded by loving friends and family. You draw security and inner peace from the harmonic band of many friends and love those around you; your success is linked to their happiness, as you can out of your way to make the other happy; you can never have too many friends.

Family number (3)

You tend to take on the role of the organiser in dealing with family and friends; to coordinate parties, gatherings and other group tours; you prefer informal conversation and relationships with most of the people, and try to avoid deeply involved substances.You also tend to avoid doing the dirty work.responsible for the Group's operations.

Family number (4)

You tend to take on the work in relation to family and friends, volunteer work to keep all contact, maintain the directory of addresses and email for your family, and community organizations.Staying at the praise for your efforts, and tend to irritate people by telling all the work you do.You fulfill an important role to play with your friends and relatives, but it is not always the love you for.

Family number (5)

Do you want to surprise your family and friends with your actions.You can organize a surprise party for a friend or call them at odd hours, you can suggest a road trip to some exotic languages or shopping on the spur of the moment; in fact stop your ideas can be expensive or impractical rarely you.You create a lively atmosphere for the group.

Family number (6)

You are very caring and supportive of family and friends, you are so devoted to their well-being that you will make great sacrifices, do what it takes to protect them; This can be taken to an error, you tend to be over-protective of second and suspend their attempt at independence.

Family number (7)

You are loving but detached from family and friends; to express your deepest feelings is very difficult for you; you need time on your own, away from friends and family, in order to manage your personal thoughts. you also tend to be a perfectionist around your close friends, they find it annoying, but they put up with it.

Family number (8)

You are driven to succeed in business and finance with friends and family, a family-owned company or a partnership with close friends is an ideal place for you; you may tend to be a workaholic in these situations; pull back and spend a couple of pure leisure time with friends and family when the time arises, you are also the person in the family are likely to inherit money.

Family number (9)

If you love your family and friends, are you more likely to help a perfect stranger than a family member, you are called to many humanitarian causes, churches, charities and the like, you will tend to ignore the needs of the family or friends until they cry out for help, Then do you come charging for rescuing. When the crisis is over, you will be taken back to your old habits; you have a tendency to make friends easily, most often with those who will call if you are using.

Family number (11)

You beautify family life and friendship to the point where reality never measures to your dreams, you are constantly with disappointment when reality and human nature,. you like to help the people you care about, and see the amazing intuition when it comes to remote sensing when something is wrong with your loved ones.

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