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Monday, October 11, 2010

Benefits and challenges of a family owned Business

Family Business-account for over 80% of all U.S. enterprises contribute 50% of our gross domestic product and give half of our workforce. But only about 10% of family businesses, makes it the third-generation due to the unique challenges faced by family businesses encounter.

Start a venture with your family ...

There are certain advantages to starting a family businesses:

-Initial costs and losses be shared easily.
-Later success favours the family as a whole.
-Allows the family to be together.
Family can trust each other more than outsiders.

But there are many challenges that come in a start-up company that need to be addressed:

Tips for make jointly run and start a business:

--Follow the business rules, romance is for non-kontorstid.
--Clearly define the role of each spouse.
--Highlight each others ' talents.
--Keep business and personal life separate-understand the inherent conflicts of interest.
--Set the strong fundamentals and understand you do not always agree.
--Define your expectations firmly and clearly.
--Set-aside family time.

-Involve young family members in activities for fun, short tasks and jobs.
-Have a system for the recognition and rewards hard work and accomplishments in the family.
-Understand clearly what business relations with the family is.
-Have a solid Business plan that clearly defines the corporate structure, responsibilities, roles, strategic direction and so on.
-Clearly identify who is the lead contractor.
-Identify strengths and weaknesses of each family member.
-Understand each person's work experience and family background.
-Determine how much money each family will help.
-Keep up front how equity are to be broken.
-Honest and clear communication between family.
-Professional, business climate and struktur.
-How and where the non-family will be incorporated into the company.

If you connect to an early step family venture ...

Benefits for family members to join a new family venture are many:

Family can help, and are cheap during development.
Family to be able to help businesses that it benefits the family as a whole.
-Flexible hours, days and pay is attractive for the family to begin using minimum resources.
-Activity brings together family back.
-Family members join the family business since they are frustrated with their current work and the environment.

Issues to consider at an early stage-family venture:

-To a large extent, personal affairs; experience the role reversals.
-Resentment can build on a family member is not sufficiently challenged and rewarded.
-Questions about power, rivalry and jealousy is common among family members.
-Take into account to a family member, personal interest, expertise, experience and education when assigning responsibilities.
-Define exactly, each family member's area of responsibility.
-Define which each family member is responsible, and for.
-Determining the remuneration structures-salary, bonus and equity stakes.
-How is a disagreement?
-What will happen if not contribute with a family?
-If a family member would, what is buyout plan and continued plan?
-Are you going to allow family members to be non-participation, passive investors in business?

Best advice: define the business stakeholders the different rules, expectations and structure unique to family business critical to its success; these unique requirements need to be well developed and described in the plan for the company Business and constantly discussed in regular family meetings; this way, each Member of the family feels they are decisive and contribute to the overall strategic direction and the future of the family business.

Connect a Family Company which one year Business ...

This may be the biggest challenge for a family member: where do I fit in a Family Business that has been in operation for some time and/or for the successive generations? Certain characteristics and challenges for a later stage/mature family businesses:

-Maintain a policy that all start at the bottom and works his way up through the ranks, regardless of their experience level, can initially family members join the existing company; however, they soon realize it is very important not to show favoritism among family members and non-family employees; This nips in Linda issues of nepotism, right, jealousy and resentment.

-Family members can sometimes be transitory, permanent or temporary staff to seasonal demand, a particularly tough business environment or during periods of high growth; this phenomenon can increase the spirit of the corps, but it can also be caused by contention. Again, with the family meetings to decide such issues, and ensures the most on board with the occasional family assistance, is extremely important.

-Some family members may use the activity as a step on a career path or start their own businesses. Planning for this potential loss and contingencies should be part of any family business management plan; also the establishment of non-compete provisions business stakeholders and to protect the personal nature of the operation of a family member are moved on, also a part of the company's management structure.

-The question of family successor is enormous in a mature family companies. How is a family firm chooses the next succeeding? there is room for the next generation? what are the options for members of the family Is the company growing? enough to support the new family blood? Current management structure and format allows the flexibility and latitude next generation search? all this talk about the importance of using the well developed, the family-led Business Planning to maintain progressive-success for future generations; this phenomenon becomes more urgent and important in mature family operations; we are dealing with the problem in the subsequent sections prospects in detail, together with conflicts, limitations and problems a family business.

The benefits of a mature stage family company enjoys is many, but the following are common, and often are keys to success:

-Each Member of the family contributes to the overall benefit of the whole family.
-Family members can enjoy making and reach goals together,
-A member of a very special group that is very close to be knit.
-All pitches the hard work to get things done, "must do".
-Family law work translates to identifiable and measurable progress.
-A sense of family that is "our activities"; it is "what we do"; it is a question of ownership and inheritance.
-Special attitude shared by family members are driving them to work hard to succeed in business.
-That in new life, new knowledge and added experience to maturing business.
-Mature family businesses often have and keep market benefits and competitive advantage that new generations are often ensure company not stagnate.

Frank Goley is business consultant, business turnaround consultant and business coach, and he is working for ABC Business Consulting; he is an expert in the development, write and implement company plans, financing, business plans, marketing plans, strategic plans, and turnaround business plans; He also offers complete solution business consulting, business turnaround consulting and web marketing and development consulting, Frank is the author of a business plan book, The Comprehensive Business Plan workbook-A Step by Step Guide to effective Business Planning, and he writes Business Success Strategies blog.

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