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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Families in Pakistan

For some families, a flight from Pakistan to a location on the Western hemisphere may seem a flight to another world. It would indeed be the case if a tight-knit Pakistani family was to travel to THE UNITED STATES or Canada.

In the West tend to members of the family are categorized.Some family members fall under the term "immediate family", "others fall under the heading" extended family. "For families in Pakistan obliterates the degree of all family members need such categorization.

In Pakistan, determines the degree of all family members of the family approach to ever opportunity; Pakistani children, while older children, do not hesitate to follow with their parents in public. Many Pakistani children share their home with one or two pairs of grandparents.

When a child growing up in such a tight-knit family, he or she learns to appreciate all the members of any family. If such child immigrates to the United States, then his or her spouse a wonderful surprise. An adult should be familiar with tight-knit family will quickly offer condolences to the family who experiences the loss of a loved one.

Of families in Pakistan, one can find many different types of what has become known as a "common family". As mentioned, contains a common family invariably one or more grandparents.A common family can also contain an aunt, an uncle and even some cousins. In a common family would they all live under one roof.

Each Member of a Pakistani family have respect for the elderly family members. At the same time fails families in Pakistan will never look at children in the family as "gifts from God."Parents are responsible for educating children in the family, the basic conviction family selected freedom of religion.

Islam is the religion practiced by most families in Pakistan.Special occasions such as weddings, carried out according to Muslim tradition, Many marriages are planned marriage.The father of a daughter decides that she will marry.His words must go unquestioned.

While dad control scheduling for weddings, attend all family members in the preparations that wedding.They contribute to preparing the bride, obtaining the necessary deorationsand to prepare food for the guests. date of the wedding gather members of the family management of marriage contract, Pakistanis calls "mikah."

A second ceremony in Pakistani Home called "aqeeqa" ceremony; during this ceremony collecting family members for a feast. The witness circumcision of a new male babies. value of ceremony underlines the ephasis as families in Pakistan on their male children.

A female child is expected to grow into the role of a mother with her life decisions are driven by men; Women in Pakistan, of course, is to find more and more reasons to go through life in a way that refuses to accept the restrictions proposed by male family members.

Measures for women in today's Pakistan could very well be able to re-shape nature of family life in Pakistan.

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