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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Adopting Slugs

My children have adopted 2 slugs. They are in a bottle somewhere in the living room. They are not little ones but big brown ones about 2 inches long. We also get bright orange ones and black stripy ones. Hopefully they won't escape the place is enough of a mess without slug trails about the place. They (the kids, not the slugs) want me to buy them a duck and a rabbit at the monthly market on Tuesday. Maybe it would be a good idea so we can feed them the slugs!
I had 2 weak cups of tea at Vero's earlier. I seem to be peeing like mad since then. I spoke to Mum and she mentioned that she'd read an article that said it as good for you to drink tea as water, sponsored by a tea company I expect! My Mum is like that she manages to remain in ill health as she always finds the articles that allow her do the things everyone else says are bad for her. I guess we all do to an extent.
In one of the hypnosis programs it suggests you imagine a relaxing place and I am starting to imagine here and how nice it would be if I could get the house and garden straight and not be such a slob. I think lack of energy is partly to blame and also distraction. Today I feel like I am going to get some energy and be able to do things at last. Last week after 7 days of the booze I was knackered and thinking about the things I wanted to do just made things worse as not only was I not drinking but I was to tired to do other things and couldn't hide from them in the bottom of a bottle. Hence the drinking again.

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