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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Raw Food Challenge

I receive a daily email from The Garden Diet, its a raw food inspiration one. They gave a challenge for people to do a week raw, starting yesterday. Since I've been trying to go raw for ages I thought I'd give it a go. I had also read that in one study people on a raw food diet gave up alcohol without any problem. I think all the raw I've been eating this summer has been helping me to feel better but not enough to make me spontaneously give up the booze. I had hoped it would happen all by itself without me noticing but no so here I am, I've started a raw food diet and given up alcohol and caffeine all at once. I've got a headache which I've had all day I guess that the caffeine withdrawal has this is the second full day without a cup of tea. Yesterday I felt horrid. Something was missing but it wasn't really the things I'd given up but I very nearly had one of them just to see if it would help. I felt so shitty that I didn't blog at all yesterday, in the morning the kids had said some funny things but by the evening I just didn't have the right frame of mind. In the end I waited till the children were in bed then listened to my hypnosis downloads. I love the alcohol withdrawal one as its about relaxing and healing and seems to help loads. I'm going to contact them to see if they can do a raw food one.
Since giving up tea and alcohol my salt craving has gone, I used to put loads of celtic sea salt on everything!

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