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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Caffeine Withdrawal

Has anyone in here got any advice for caffeine withdrawal. I have found in the past that when I manage to cut down my tea intake that its easier not to drink alcohol. I have been at the stage a number of times that I drink nothing but tea and wine and the tea gets me going in the morning and the wine keeps me going in the evening (or at lunchtime) it seems a vicious cycle. I've now managed 4 days in a row without the booze, making 13 alcohol days in 21/2 weeks. That's great, but I'm trying to stop the tea. On sat and sun I just had 2 cups a day and was fine, yesterday none and was fine too but today its gone down hill. I started to get a headache this afternoon which got worse and worse. After I got back with the kids I was feel sick and weak and achy. I felt vile absolutely vile. I read somewhere the fact that aspirin doesn't work and that aspirin with caffeine in is best. I didn't have that so made a cup of tea, I wanted to go to bed but needed to feed the kids etc. the older ones are fine but the baby is crawling and pulling himself up on things and my partner is away this week. In short I couldn't cope and had to get it to stop. I also took some paracetamol, some homeopathic Nux Vomica and some bicarb. Half an hour after that lot and I feel much better. The kids are in bed and I'm off too, at 8.20pm!!I can't believe how sh*t it made me feel. I intend to get through this but don't like the fact that it may happen again tomorrow, I read somewhere that caffeine wd symptoms can last 9 days, arggh! I may have to wait till G gets back so I can go to bed if I need too.Has this happened to any of you?

I wrote that last night on a forum. This is how its going this morning.

Guess what happens when you drink tea just before going to bed? You don't sleep well and have to keep getting up to wee. All that water I'd been getting on board just seemed to flood out of me. Hopefully taking some toxins with it.This morning I feel tired, grumpy, tearfull and am having trouble coping with the kids who don't have school on Wednesdays. The baby is pretty grumpy too. I hope hes not withdrawing from the caffeine too. I think he might be. I have a mild headache and feel pretty sicky. I'm drinking loads of raw juices and eating fruit to try and flush the rubbish out. I just want my body back but its not easy. Even though I think my hypnosis downloads are helping last night I didn't listen as I just wanted to be alone.

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