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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Christmas Dinner

Always best to plan in advance don't you think? Flo has wanted a duckling or a chick for ages. We had talked about hatching our own but haven't got round to it. About a year ago she pinched an egg from a neighbours house and bought it home. I found it once it had dried out crushed under her pillow. There are less sellers of poultry at the monthly market than there used to be and its years since I bought anything, but this morning I went and bought 4 ducklings, 2 barbary ducks and 2 mallards. They cheeped all around the town and in one shop they thought it was one of Gwilyms toys as they were in the basket under the pushchair. They are now in a rabbit hutch awaiting resettlement. I need to get it done before they get a personality disorder and start hopping. Flo was delighted when I told her, once shes been pecked and pooed on it might be a different story. If they are fed well they could be ready for Christmas, it also might help on the number of afterlifes I'm up for (see previous post) as I can feed the slugs and things to the ducks. I think they are to small to eat the ones in the bottle on my table yet but they'll get there!

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