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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Very hungry caterpillars and reincarnation.

Not one very caterpillar but hundreds and on MY cabbages. I've been squishing them and drowned a few. I considered saving a few for the kids to watch especially as Eben did a project about the Eric Carle book at school last year. I try not to use chemicals on my garden and squish the bugs myself when I can. IF I have to live another life for each of the bugs I've squished with my own hands or feet then I've a lot of life times as caterpillers, colorado beetles, greenfly, fleas and slugs to mention just a few to come!!
I'm just off to listen to my hypnosis downloads as I could so very easily pop down to the cellar for a cool bottle of white wine. But I don't really want to and still feel thirsty and don't feel that wine would stop it. I read something about feeling thirst because the body is used to drinks with sugar in so doesn't think its had its fill and keeps you drinking. I'm not sure.

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Phelan said...

Try sprinkeling corn meal on and around your veggies. They eat the corn meal and explode.