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Friday, September 15, 2006

Getting ready to walk

Gwilym is crawling really well now and pulling himself to standing when ever he can. He also totters along when you hold his hand. Griff is going to find such a difference in him when he gets back today. The kids will be delighted to see him. I hope they continue to be fairly well behaved when he gets here. We all have to get readjusted to each other when he has been away working.
Florence is still delighted with the ducks and has named them Florence, Eben, Jack and Lily. I reminds me of when we used to have poultry and bought our first pair of geese. We called them Hissing Sid and Toad and very quickly realised we were never going to kill them for Christmas. We bought another a month later and called him Roasty. Now he did make a good Christmas lunch. Sid and Toad stayed until Sid was caught by a fox, he must have put up a good fight and defended Toad but didn't make it himself and she just pinned away without him. So what will become of our ducks?

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